christmas opening hours 2021

20th December 2021 – Closed  21th December 2021 – Closed  22th December 2021 – Closed  23th December 2021 – Closed  24th December 2021 – Closed  25th December 2021 – Closed  26th December 2021 – Closed  27th December 2021 – Open (Takeaway Only) 28th December 2021 – Open 29th December 2021 – Open 30th December 2021 […]

One of the best Thai Restaurant in Bouremouth

Sala Thai restaurant has been named one of THE BEST THAI RESTAURANT in Bournemouth and poole with 4.7 stars Thank you to all our lovely customers for their kind word It really mean a lot to us Spacial thanks to Bournemouth Daily Echo for highlighting this and helping to support our small family business  #notanAD […]

Thai Green Curry

Thai Green curry Authentic Thai Green curry A creamy and aromatic delight created from hot Thai green chilli paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoot, Thai pea aubergines, Thai eggplant, sweet basil leaves, courgette and fresh chilli (Medium Spicy) Try out our Green Curry, It’s the most Authentic recipe you can find in Bournemouth. We use Thai […]