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About us

As the first local Thai restaurant here in Bournemouth, we are proud pioneer in serving exceptional Thai Cuisine to our local inhabitants. With over 30 years expertise, we offer to you the finest authentic Thai dishes. Here at Sala Thai restaurant, you are ensured a beautiful traditional Thai atmosphere, a graceful yet friendly service and Fresh handpicked Thai ingredients. We take pride in being a family-run business because of that reason we pour our heart into everything we do.​


Our purpose

The purpose of my organisation is deliver a high quality authentic Thai food, Which is allowing customers to have to exclusive taste of Thai food and enjoy the way we feel. We want customers to experiences Thai cultures with a traditional decorative atmosphere. Providing an excellent service, which is unique and it will inspire you to feels like home. we would like to keep our standard and keep customer satisfy and be the most spoken Thai restaurant in the area.

Our promise

Providing the highest quality food and service

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